Never have ‘too many chefs’ in the kitchen again…

Never have ‘too many chefs’ in the kitchen again…

Brand new Scott Simplissimo Chef launches in the UK


Brand new to the UK, Scott Appliances launches the perfect addition to any busy household that is wanting to spend less time cooking their favourite meals –
introducing the Scott Simplissimo Chef.

The Simplissimo Chef is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that can create a host of delicious food at the touch of a button. This handy device takes all the stress and time out of meal preparation for your family. You can make dips, dressings & sauces, chunky or fine soups, smoothies, and even steam and cook an array of food Sous Vide.

The Simplissimo Chef boasts a compact, sleek and easily portable design that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. The machine’s built in mount allows it to sit on any surface. Gone are the days when kitchen devices were large, clumsy and stuck out in your perfectly styled kitchen, Scott’s Simplissimo Chef has been designed to take pride of place on your countertop with its steel grey and lacquer black surround.

The Scott Simplissimo Chef can help anyone from a novice to a well-seasoned chef to create mouth-watering dishes in no time. The easy to use cooking programs are curated to enable you to cherry-pick the program for you whether you are making soups, sauces, juices or even cooking meat, seafood or vegetables. With touch sensitive technology and a patented overflow sensor which prevents hot liquids from spilling out the jar, Simplissimo will help you discover the stress–free way to cook.

Simply turn the digital rotary touch control to select the function best suited for your dish. The cutting-edge Scott Simplissimo Chef is programed to also cook Sous Vide, cooking vacuum-sealed food in a precise temperature controlled water bath, for healthy, nutritious and perfectly–cooked food bursting with flavour.

The 1.75L BPA free glass jar is made of premium quality borosilicate; suitable for cold and hot liquids. The Scott Simplissimo Chef is further enhanced by the state of the art LED timer completed with digital touch control, food ready audible indicator and automatic 20 minutes keep warm function. The array of functions available range from blending and ice crushing to manual and steam mode allows you to create dishes from scratch using the same device.

The Simplissimo also incorporates special functions to help make your life easier. The auto clean function is quite simply a time saver as the device will clean itself in just a few minutes meaning no fuss or mess.

This multi-functioning device really can do it all!

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