Bean me up, Scott!

Bean me up, Scott!

Brand new Scott Slimissimo launches in the UK


Brand new to the UK, Scott Appliances are launching the perfect machine for coffee lovers – introducing the Slimissimo. The Slimissimo features innovative technology and grade A energy efficiency. Its ultra-sleek and portable body is designed to produce the best quality coffee from your bean. This newest addition to Scott’s stylish kitchen appliance range does not disappoint!

The Slimissimo is a multi-program coffee machine which delivers a seamless one touch bean to cup. The patented brewing system has been created for consistently optimal coffee extraction which truly unlocks the full flavour potential of your coffee and creates the rich and flavourful creama for espresso to maximise your coffee experience one cup at a time. Designed in the EU, this super hi-tech appliance, offers a futuristic design, featuring an LED panel with touch keys, plus an array of state of the art brewing functions. Functions include a cup quantity memory function which remembers how you like your coffee and how high to fill your favourite mug. With Slimissimo you can now indulge in your favourite cup of caffeine and savour every sip.

At just 18cm wide, which is extraordinarily compact, the counter top Slimissimo includes a 19 bar pump pressure which guarantees fully aromatic, high- pressure brewed coffee. The compact and patented pre-brewing system and stainless steel grinder allows quick, precise, quality brewing and grinding. The freshest hot coffee
will be delivered to you in less than 1 minute! The thermoblock heating technology provides excellent heat distribution for the freshest coffee, and the instant reheat function ensures the ideal temperature for brewing, The 1.1L removable water tank, plus a large 150g bean container. The most convenient addition to your kitchen.

To ensure your coffee machine always stays clean and hygienic, Slimissimo also features a detachable brewing unit, water tank and drip tray, allowing you to wash under water after use. The cleaning indicator will alert and prompt you to carry out the necessary descaling in good time.

The Slimissimo device might be small but it is mighty!

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